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 Vietnam Entry Visa

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Vietnam Entry Visa

Vietnam is a beautiful country, with emerald green mountains bordering sparkling seas and a very friendly population waiting to share the secrets of their homeland. Unfortunately, many tourists are put off visiting this hidden gem - as they are with many other Asian countries - as they mistakenly believe acquiring a Vietnam entry visa to be a difficult and lengthy process.

While this may have been the case at one time, when applying for a Vietnam entry visa meant queuing in person for hours or even days outside the nearest embassy, technological advances have meant that the process is now much smoother. Vietnam entry visa form can be found online which require only a small amount of personal information and approval can take as little as one hour.

Furthermore, upon approval, a trip to the embassy is not required as the Vietnam entry visa stamp can be affixed to the passport of the applicant when they arrive at any Vietnamese international airport. A letter from the Vietnamese government acts as proof of approval and will allow the initial boarding of the plane in the traveller’s home country.

With so much to discover, such as the fascinating Cu Chi Tunnels which played a pivotal role during the Vietnam War, the issue of acquiring a Vietnam entry visa should not be enough to prevent anyone from visiting this fascinating country.

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